• TEM of C. botulinum spores (picture by Kathryn Cross, IFR)

    The Food Safety Centre undertakes scientific research covering the area of microbiological food safety and food security

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    We provide Government Agencies with advice concerning Food Safety and Food Security

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The Food Safety Centre utilises the world-leading expertise available within the Institute of Food Research (IFR) and on the Norwich Research Park in the areas of Food Microbiology and Food Security. Expertise includes Bacterial Foodborne pathogens, Predictive Microbiology and QMRA, Microbial tracing and Food Authentication.

Led by Professor Mike Peck & Elizabeth Saggers, the main aims of the Food Safety Centre are three fold:

  • To allow industry to benefit from and access international expertise in food safety and security
  • to advise government departments and regulators in the areas of Food safety and security
  • to develop research collaborations with other academic institutions to maximise research in the areas of food safety and security

By realising these aims, the Food Safety Centre will contribute to ensuring a safe and secure food chain for consumers.