Predictive Microbiology

Predictive Microbiology focuses on describing the microbial ecology of food by mathematical and computational means

Software packages based on developed mathematical models can predict the growth of spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms, as a function of the processing and storage environment of a certain food. One such package is ComBase.

ComBase: Combined dataBase and models

  • A free food microbiology database and predictor to enable microbial safety and stability to be determined using predictive models
  • available via the portal.
ComBase Infographic

For Industry

combase-graphComBase is a vital NPD tool that allows companies to reduce the number of expensive and lengthy challenge tests. This is achieved by the provision of validated predictions and quality-assured data for growth or survival of pathogens or spoilage organisms in food. Predictions take into consideration key environmental factors present within the product and their effect on the growth of specific organisms. Data is presented in a clear, rapid and easy-to-access format.

Interpretation of the ComBase data is available from the centre along with the provision of bespoke product models.

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