Elizabeth Saggers

As Deputy Director of the Food Safety Centre, alongside the Lead Scientists within the centre, I aim to establish relationships and collaborations between the Food Safety Centre and the food industry, regulatory bodies and academia. The main aim of these collaborations is to ensure a safe and secure food chain for the benefit of both the food industry and consumers.

Elizabeth-Saggers-2016I have over 19 years’ experience working in the field of microbiology both within industrial and research environments. My work has spanned working within the QA function in industry, the Health Protection Agency and as a Research Scientist at IFR within their Food Safety programme. The focus of my research has always been applied and throughout my time at IFR I have worked closely with industry as a lead scientist on various projects and as a knowledge exchange professional.

My current role allows me to use my broad microbiological knowledge and experience to ensure the translation of core IFR research, in the area of Food Safety and Security, into scientific outcomes that can benefit everyone; industry, government and consumers.