IFR consolidates ties with China’s National Agency for Risk Assessment

As part of the ongoing engagement of Food Safety Science in the Norwich Research Park with colleagues in China, Dr Pradeep Malakar and Dr Gary Barker, from the Institute of Food Research,  conducted a Risk Assessment training workshop in Beijing under the auspices of the China National Centre for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA).

This training workshop, held on 14- 15 April 2014, was a direct result of the visit of Dr Xiaoyu Song (third from the left, front row), a senior researcher at CFSA, to IFR in 2013. Experts from CFSA and Chinese affiliates, Unilever Research Shanghai (Professor Leon Gorris) and Wageningen University (Professor Marcel Zwietering) contributed to the success of the training event. The target audience were Chinese Disease Control (CDC) officers charged with food safety implementation in most of the regions in China. The training workshop concluded with a practical demonstration of food safety case studies.

A pre-workshop event introduced current developments in Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment to academic researchers in Food Safety from Wuhan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shanghai and Beijing. Dr Gary Barker summarised the progress in QMRA in the UK and Dr Jianhui Zhu (CFSA) introduced the progression of QMRA at China’s National Agency for Risk Assessment. A round table discussion concluded with an invitation to all participants to initiate an expert discussion group and forum for advancing QMRA research in China

A follow up meeting is planned for the end of this year.

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