sous_videScientists within the Centre are actively involved with contributing to policy decisions and formulation regarding Food Safety.

We are regularly invited to comment on consultations issued by the Food Standards Agency and other government departments regarding Food Safety and Security of the Food chain. In addition we contribute to the Advisory Committee for the Microbiological Safety of Foods (ACMSF), a world-leading body regarding food safety regulation.

An example of our work influencing policy is our work on formulating the “10-day rule” governing the safety of vacuum-packed chilled products.

Prof Mike Peck, Director of the Centre and his team were instrumental in providing the scientific evidence base for setting the guidance on the safety and shelf-life of vacuum and modified-atmosphere packed chilled food with respect to non-proteolytic Clostridium botulinum (FSA published 2008).

Case Study: Chilled Food Association

Scientists from the Food Safety Centre, Norwich in collaboration with the Chilled Food Association (CFA) provided evidence to the Advisory Committee of Microbiological Safety of Food (ACMSF) challenging the FSA recommendation to reduce the 10 day shelf-life of certain chilled products to 5 days.

The Food Safety Centre carried out an independent review of scientific and epidemiological data for presentation to the ACMSF that concluded there was no evidence to require a moving of the rule from10 days to 5. As a result the ACMSF upheld the 10 day rule governing these products.