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Would you like food poisoning with that?

Dr Arnoud van Vliet from the Food Safety Centre, gave a Public Lecture last month entitled “Would you like food poisoning with that?”. His talk covered the bacteria that cause food poisoning, why they are so good at making us ill, and why the problems are increasing. Arnoud explains the latest scientific breakthroughs to help battle the […]

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False coloured scanning electron microscope (SEM) image of Campylobacter cells attached to chicken juice on a glass slide. Image: Louise Salt, IFR with colouring by Kathryn Cross, IFR

FSA release new Campylobacter data

FSA has released the latest data from their Campylobacter retail survey. This 12-month survey, running from February 2014 to February 2015, is looking at the prevalence and levels of Campylobacter contamination on fresh whole chilled chickens and their packaging. The survey is testing 4,000 samples of whole chickens bought from UK retail outlets and smaller […]

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