Training at the Food Safety CentreWe provide training opportunities for both current and future food and health scientists.

Training opportunities encompass:

  • Academic PhD studentships
  • Industry-funded PhD studentships
  • EU Scientific Fellowships
  • Industry workshops

All training is delivered by world leaders in the field of Food Microbiology.

PhD Studentships

Examples of PhD studentships include CASE studentships with Campden BRI entitled “The role of biofilms in Campylobacter survival in, and transmission through the food chain” and Unilever Omics-based systems-level approaches to investigate cooperation in microbial biofilms“.

The Centre also has experience of hosting Marie Curie fellows and visiting scientists from across the world including Spain, Italy, China, Brazil and the USA.

Industry Training

The Centre carries out training of individuals currently working in the food industry. Workshops in the use of the predicative microbiology database ComBase have trained over 1000 scientists and food professionals. The Centre provides workshops on the Safety aspects of Sous-Vide cooking, microbiology of fresh produce, product spoilage by yeasts and moulds and Food Preservation Systems.

Undergraduate Training

Lead scientists within the Centre also regularly lecture to undergraduates at a number of universities and hold visiting Professorships at the University of Nottingham, University of East Anglia, and South Bank University, London.