Working with Industry

Our scientist’s work closely with industry to address many of the technical issues facing the food industry today.

Our scientists have helped companies validate new processing regimes, aided in shelf-life determination in re-formulated products, given advice regarding regulations and HACCP plans as well as training many food scientists and technical staff in predictive microbiology and preservation systems.

Collaborations range from individual consultancies and bespoke research projects, small industry-led government funded research projects through to pHD studentships and large collaborative research projects involving many academic and industrial organisations.

Extending shelf life infographic

Examples of our work with industry include:

  • bacterial spoilage investigations involving numerous product categories
  • process validation for spore-formers and vegetative bacteria
  • shelf-life determination using predictive microbiology models
  • studentship investigating Campylobacter within poultry
  • HACCP Plan Development
  • Training in the use of ComBase Predictive Microbiology Database.

For more information about any of our services or to enquire about potential projects please contact the Centre at